Experience the Allure
Superior Accommodation in a Historic Boutique Hotel

The historic Cotommatae 1810 Mansion features 5 suites, one on the first floor and four on the ground floor and the Mezzanine as well as two elegantly appointed double-bedrooms on the first floor all fitted with exceptional furnishings and décor evoking the grace of a bygone era and the unique, authentic character of Hydra. Every room has its own distinct character and a name inspired by its actual use from the time where the hotel was the mansion of the Cotommatae family.

Originally built as the family's guest room, "To Kalo Domatio" (the Good Room) accommodated all guests of the family while "Kali Kamara" (Muses Chamber) was the small sitting room where Captain Demosthenes' daughters played their music or where woman gathered to embroider. The bedroom of the couple and their daughters with the big iconsostasis was called "Icons". The summer sitting room with the high balcony for the musicians that entertained the family was called "The Therino" (Summer Chamber) while the old Cellar was called "The Kelari". There was also the room where Captain Demosthenes displayed a variety of sponges for merchants called "The Sfouggaria" (Sponges) as well as the room where they kept the poultry, pigeons and other domestic animals called "The Peristeronas" (Pigeon's Room). Each room with a story to tell and a unique Hydrian aura, welcomes guests to experience the epitome of hospitality and historic allure.