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Venetian aura cultural uniqueness!


Wander about the alleys and back streets of the town; discover hidden tiny squares and passages, humble little houses and big Mansions. Admire the unique architectural heritage of the island, as well as the inexhaustible inspiration of the craftsmen. The old town uphill in Kiafa, is enchanting. Numerous narrow passages, stone built houses and splendid views, compose fantastic scenery.

Worth-seeing places:

  • Tompazis Mansion, which is situated on the west side of the port. Today, the Branch Office and School of Fine Arts of the Athens Polytechnic is functioning here.
  • Tsamados Mansion, which is situated on the eastern part of the port, where the Academy of Captains of the Merchant Navy functions. It was the first school in Independent Greece, since 1749, that started functioning.
  • Georgios and Pavlos Kountouriotis Mansion, which dominates over rocks and pine trees, from high up on the right of the port. It is a four-storey Mansion, full of treasures of Art and Tradition. The first Prime Minister of Greece, Georgios Kountouriotis, lived in the Mansion and then his grandson, Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis, the first President of the Greek Republic, also lived here.
  • Lazaros Kountouriotis Mansion / Historical and Ethnological Museum: The most beautiful views a d a complete picture of History. The Mansion offers wealth and the inexhaustible civilizing heritage of the island. From the port, one can make out the great yellow building, which dominates the whole of the town. Today, the branch Museum from the Athens National Historical Museum functions here.
  • The Monastery: Roaming about the seashore of the town, it is worth visiting the famous Monastery, which is the cathedral of the island. Built in 1648, it was really a Monastery with many monks in it. Among its treasures, there is the famous gold chandelier from Keramikos (Tulleries) of Paris and also the ancient columns from Poseidon’s Temple, in Ancient Kalavria, where the ancient Athenian orator Dimosthenes drank the hemlock.
  • The Museum: Invaluable treasures from the Revolution of 1821 are kept and exhibited in the Historical Archives and the Hydra Museum. It’s the magnificent building on the left of the port.


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We are just 200m from the beach and in the historical center of Hydra Island.