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General Description

The Mansion has five (5) suites and two (2) double-bed bedrooms, except for the Reception Rooms.

Three suites accommodate up to 4 persons.  One suite accommodates up to 5 persons.
Throughout the residence the furniture is elegant and comfortable being not only completely in harmony with the character of the mansion but also authentically representative of the unique style of Hydra.

The area which was filled with large jars of olive oil,  barrels of wine and several bottles and provisions was called the cellar - today's "To Kelari".

Every room has derived its name from the use the Family used to apply in the old times.

Elegance and comfort in furniture can grant amiable surroundings which come in harmony, not only with the character of the Mansion, but also the authentic and unique character of Hydra.

Every room has its own character and bears the name which comes from its use when the Boutique Hotel was the mansion of the Cotommatae family. The official Guest room of the Mansion was “to kalo domatio” (master bedroom). The small sitting room where women gatherd to embroider or the daughters of Captain Demosthenes Cotommatis played their music, was the “Kali Kamara” (Muses chamber). The bedroom of both the couple and their daughters with the big Iconstand was called the “Icones”. The place where the summer sitting room was with the balcony above for the musicians to entertain the family and visitors was “The Therino” (summer Chamber). The place which was full with large jars of olive oil, barrels of wine and several bottles and provisions was called the Cellar – today’s “To kelari”.

The place where Captain Demosthenes displayed several varieties of Sponges was called “The Sfouggaria” (Sponges) so that the merchants Greek or foreigners could make their choice. Those strangers were extended hospitality and put up in the “Kalo Domatio” upstairs. The place where poultry, pigeons and other domestic animals lived necessary for the family’s provisions was “the Peristeronas” (pigeon’s room) and its yard. The comfortable and agreeable to the environment furniture present the guest with hospitality, binds itself not only the air of the building but also with authentic, unique character of Hydra.



Find us on the map!

We are just 200m from the beach and in the historical center of Hydra Island.