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The Island - The Area

Hudra or Hydrea in the antiquity, owes its name to the abundant waters that flowed from the many springs all over the island. It was inhabited since the After Neolithic Era (3000-2600 B.C.). It has had a considerable maritime history, which emerges from every corner of the settlement. The contribution of Hydra, which owned the most powerful fleet in the Aegean, during the Revolution of 1821, was decisive.

The town of Hydra has been characterized as civilizing monument while the whole island has been defined as archaeological place. For many decades, it has been one of the most favorite’s destinations of both the Greek and the foreign visitors. The island has been recognized as an international Centre of Artistic Creation and famous artists have been inspired by Hydra’s unique landscape.

Hydra is located in the centre of an extensive area and can become the basis for excursions to other places, which are worth visiting. There are the nearest places, such as Poros, Spetses, Hermioni, Porto Heli, Nafplion.


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We are just 200m from the beach and in the historical center of Hydra Island.