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Experience History and Tradition!

Brief History

The early history of the much adored and already restored Mansion is lost in the mists of time since it occurred in the period before the Greek Revolution of 1821 , when the island of Hydra used to be strong and successful merchant marine centre in the Mediterranean and probably the most powerful in the Aegean Sea –as the Egyptian commander in Chief Ibrahim Pasha called Hydra “Little England”.

Tradition says that one of the most noted Hydrians, Lazaros Kountouriotis, had the Mansion built and presented it to one of his daughters as dowry.

The plot of land which still exists next to the Boutique Hotel has been referred to Kountouriotis’ land. In 1901, the Mansion was bought by Dimosthenes Kotommatis, a ship owner and sponge merchant, who had it radically restored. He himself and his brothers were “the very prominent in Hydra Cotommatae brothers…” according to the island’s written history. From that phrase comes the name of the boutique hotel ‘Cotommatae’.

The Cotommatae travelled on their ships all round the Mediterranean Sea and Greece, the coasts of Asia minor, Constantinople and the European cities. Furthermore they brought home pieces of furniture, objects of art, porcelain, luxurious European clothes and several pieces of merchandise. The atmosphere of the mansion makes one travel back to those times.

The Mansion is thought to be built at least in two phases. Firstly, the main building was constructed in the shape of «Γ».  In that phase, there came into existence the wooden partitions or walls, the so-called “mousantres”, also the old oven and the Eastern style circular doors. In the second phase of additional building, the Arches were constructed, which support the main veranda and the reception rooms. In those years, the Mansion took on its final form which is as one finds it today, a combination of local architecture, together with influences from the East, Constantinople, Venice and the west, with elements from the on-coming Neoclassism.

The mansion has many common architectural elements with the great mansion of Lazaros Kountouriotis (Museum today) which is worth visiting.

It took four years for the building to be renovated and adapted to its new function.To become an authentic “Boutique Hotel”, which offers comfort, relaxation and pleasure. Natural materials were used;  unique architectural elements were maintained such as the ceiling art works of both the Hall and the Dining Room;  the wooden walls and partitions, the roofs and the floors are all made of specially supplied chestnut wood.  High quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail can be seen throughout the house.

The boutique hotel has retained a harmonious relationship with its environment and particular care has been taken to avoid waste of both electricity and water.  For example the water from the cisterns of the Mansion are used to supply  the many services of the Boutique Hotel.

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We are just 200m from the beach and in the historical center of Hydra Island.