The Unseen Face of Hydra

Exciting Activities in Hydra

There are so many things one can experience in Hydra and so many ways to do so. Walk, hike or ride a donkey through the hidden paths of Hydra and discover its monasteries, traditional yards and houses high on the mountain of Kiafa as well as its incredible mansions. Reach the top of Eros mountain and take in the breathtaking views, swim in crystalline waters and watch the sun paint the sea and rocks in myriad magical nuances. Lose yourself through the olive groves, the pine trees, the hidden bays with the blue, crystal clear waters, explore the countryside or embark on a private boat tour and discover the island's secluded beaches, Dokos and other rocky islets, swim in remote coves and sunbathe on board. The island also features an eclectic array of restaurants and bars for all tastes and preferences.