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Experience Hospitality and Wellness!

Exploring the Mansion

Rich History and modern comforts

The Cotommatae 1810 is one of the most beautiful mansions of Hydra, combining its imposing past with the modern comforts and foundations in plain as well as impressive surroundings. The restoration of the building and many of its authentic furniture and ornamental elements granted a lifetime inspiration in such magical piece of land which is called Hydra. The genuine structural and architectural elements reveal its many centuries history. There exists emphasis in both detail and quality of structure everywhere.

Relaxation, tranquility and privacy

The entrance lets us have a beforehand perception about the atmosphere of the Boutique Hotel.The verandas, courtyards, open air spaces with comfortable sofas, warm colors and the stone with the woodwork captivate the senses. The blinding white, the odors of the lemon trees and the basil on the stone parapets.

Feel the energy of the premises. Enjoy the views of the houses of the monumental settlement which climb up the hills, the morning colors, the yellow, the orange, the pink of the sunset. Relax and enjoy the magic of authenticity.

Travel all around in past eras being in the big drawing room of the Mansion, with the authentic valuable articles since the years of the revolution in 1821 but also the time of the second flourishment of the island with the sponge fishery in early 1900s. In the dining room and the veranda of breakfast time decorative strokes of simplicity treat you with a touch of luxury and ingenuous style. In the space of the old oven, the passages and stairways that lead to courtyards, the loggia with the stone arches and in the garden the decorative aspect indicates a refined aesthetics. The outside spaces were given such formation that the guests should enjoy moments of relaxation and well being.


Find us on the map!

We are just 200m from the beach and in the historical center of Hydra Island.