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Day of golden sun!


You can make your choice from the variety of or the rocky seaside places in order to enjoy the clear like crystal seawater of the island. There are sandy beaches and others with pebbles, but the majority along the coast is rocky.

Access to such places could be done either on foot or by boats and the so called sea taxis. To begin with, a stone paved road starts just from outside the part heading west, southwest wards along the coastline and crossing precipitous hills.

Firstly, below the corner place called Peripteron (pavilion) there is a rocky beach with a Cave which is like a natural pool dominating the surroundings and immediately after The Cave is Hydronetta, both of whom making ideals places for diving and swimming, to be followed by a nice coffee or a cocktail or even by a light meal in one of the coffee bars there. The glorious sunset from Hydronetta is well known and ideal for an amazing photograph.  And as the paved road heads to the little village of Kamini ,  about one kilometer from town, you can have, exactly above the rocky beach of Avlaki , fantastic views of the Hydra straits with the tiny islands almost the sea as far off as to Dokos and Spetses.

On the way to Kamini one can see the impressing mansion of  Boudouris and Miaoulis. And there in the traditional village of Kamini is the picturesque small port and little further on the Mikro Kamini seasite, the Castello Beach with many colored pebbles. The Castello Tower has now been restarted and functions as a beautiful restaurant and café. Here you can spend the day enjoying the sparking sea and having your coffee or snack and drink while later after the sunset having your dinner.

The earthen road now goes on to Vlichos which is a picturesque reside and by the seaside having the unique among the islands. Epirus construct in Bridge of the 17th century. Here there are two beaches, the of them frond of the Enalion restaurant and a tavern and the other about 1km farther on at the seaside spot called Plakes Vlichou with a guesthouse, restaurant and café bar. The distance between the town of Hydra and Vlichos is about 4 km and has access either for those dedicated hikers or by hiring about a sea- taxi. One km farther and still following the same earthen road is Palamidas with its boatyard, the olive groves, the pine tree woods and the sparsely residing area. On your way you met Molos with its closed magically set all green pebbles bay and beautiful country houses. Then a sandy seaside area follows called Kaoumith, ideal for these who love isolation, serenity and relaxation. On the southwestern Hydra’s end there are two beautiful touristically organized beaches: Bisti with intense blue green colours thanks to the pine trees which touch the seawater and Ag. Nikolaos with the extended pebbles seaside which calls to mind far away islands of the Aegean Sea.

The Hydrian perimeter ribbon along it’s coastline turns now to east – south eastern part of island which means you find yourself “at the back of hydra” which is engulfed by the Myrtoon sea when there is absolutely fair weather one can make out the island of Milos in the distance on this side of Hydra you can visit Klimaki and Nisiza and on the easter part of the island there is the remote, almost exotic seaside of Limioniza. It is not touristically attended but you can travel there by a sea taxi after you have made arrangement for the return trip.

Now coming back to town we can try the remaining trip north – northeaster to complete our tour round Hydra. From the port we can walk along the concrete road of two km from Town to Mandraki or MiraMare or else we can hire a sea taxi. Although that part of hydra is almost bare of green, the Mandraki bay is interesting with a very nice sandy beach, a hotel with bungalows, restaurant, coffee bar and opposite a small tavern for fish and several tasty delicacies. In the old times have used to be a mooring and boatyard.

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